VOYAGER vs Bluetooth

“Why do I need to install VOYAGER when I have Bluetooth capabilities in my vehicle?”
VOYAGER supports Bluetooth, but it was designed to be far superior to Bluetooth. It offers more features and benefits like an external 3G antenna for clearer and wider cellular coverage; external hands-free microphone and speaker for superior in-vehicle sound quality; connectivity to the vehicle battery so that you are always connected; in-vehicle Wi-Fi; Voice dialing and more. Review the comparison chart below for further details.

SafetyIntegrated device for extra safetyLimited
Communication modelBuilt-inBrought-in
Battery lifeLong life: connected to car batteryLimited
Cellular coverageExternal 3g antenna for better cellular coverageVarying levels of coverage
Voice qualityExternal microphone/speakerLimited
Ease of useLarge physical buttons on keyboard/ touch iconsPhone depended/ not easy with smartphones
NavigationEasy to use / direct GPS key/ external accurate GPSPhone depended/ varying levels of quality
Voice dialingDirect voice dialing keyPhone depended
Connection to car audio systemBuilt-inLimited
Safety: emergency call serviceOne touch SOS callStandard
Fleet managementSupport various fleet Management applicationLimited
On board diagnosticConnection to car computerLimited
Mobile Wi-Fi hotspotBuilt-inPhone depended