Uniden® UCP200 vs Bluetooth

“Why do I need to install Uniden® UCP200 when I have Bluetooth capabilities in my vehicle?”
Uniden® UCP200 supports Bluetooth, but it was designed to be far superior to Bluetooth. It offers more features and benefits like an external 3G antenna for clearer and wider cellular coverage; external hands-free microphone and speaker for superior in-vehicle sound quality; connectivity to the vehicle battery so that you are always connected; in-vehicle Wi-Fi; Voice dialing and more. Review the comparison chart below for further details.

Uniden® UCP200Bluetooth
SafetyIntegrated device for extra safetyLimited
Communication modelBuilt-inBrought-in
Battery lifeLong life: connected to car batteryLimited
Cellular coverageExternal 3g antenna for better cellular coverageVarying levels of coverage
Voice qualityExternal microphone/speakerLimited
Ease of useLarge physical buttons on keyboard/ touch iconsPhone depended/ not easy with smartphones
NavigationEasy to use / direct GPS key/ external accurate GPSPhone depended/ varying levels of quality
Voice dialingDirect voice dialing keyPhone depended
Connection to car audio systemBuilt-inLimited
Safety: emergency call serviceOne touch SOS callStandard
Fleet managementSupport various fleet Management applicationLimited
On board diagnosticConnection to car computerLimited
Mobile Wi-Fi hotspotBuilt-inPhone depended